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Child Custody Arrangements Can Include Creative Scheduling

If you are newly divorced and have children, this summer may have been an eye-opener for you in terms of your child custody arrangements. Child custody is not limited to weekends and the occasional mid-week visit – the scheduling issues that come with sharing custody in the midst of business trips, unexpected illnesses, school vacations and other events can be mind-boggling. Whether you and your ex-partner have a cordial relationship or not, if you share any sort of custody arrangement, you have to work together to ensure your child’s physical and emotional welfare.

The upcoming holidays can be difficult for divorced or divorcing parents – they are generally focused on travel and seeing extended family — and, if there are religious events or observances, the desire to have the children present can cause additional custody complications.

The best thing to keep in mind is that there are a number of creative options, depending on the flexibility of both parents, in order to make custody work for everyone. Some parents swap custody for the same holidays every year, while others pick and choose which mean the most to them. For parents who are far away at special times, there are options such as email, text, phone calls and video conferencing with their child. At the McDevitt Law Office, we see all sorts of creative custody agreements that work to meet the best interests of the child

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