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A word of advice for those going to divorce court

The antagonistic nature of divorce is a difficult experience for all parties involved. The most terrifying part of the process for couples who are divorcing is going to divorce court. Because most individuals do not have a great deal of experience with court proceedings, this can be a very stressful experience for divorcing couples. It is extremely important for you to comport yourself in a professional and respectful manner during your hearings. Since the judge presiding over your case is likely to be very busy, you will have just a short amount of time in which to make a favorable impression.

Inasmuch as your disposition in the courtroom may strongly affect a judge’s opinion of you, and potentially the result of your divorce, it is crucial to start preparing yourself for what to anticipate when you have to go to court. Make sure that your attorney informs you about what to expect during the proceeding.

You should discuss with your attorney any important issues and what steps to take upon your arrival in court. Part of your preparation involves reading and familiarizing yourself with any documents the court has sent you, either directly by mail or through your attorney, who is expected to provide you with the material.

In some court orders, particularly in custody cases, there will be terms that the judge or court administrator wishes you to follow concerning certain issues, such as the child or children, in the event of an open custody case. The order may state the time at which to bring the children, or whether you will need to bring someone who can watch over them while you are in court.

Regardless of the kind of hearing you are attending, make certain that you allot time with your attorney to review the points of what will be discussed so that you are not caught unawares. In addition to conducting yourself in a professional and respectful manner, it is important to dress appropriately because your attire can be perceived as a reflection of the respect you are exhibiting. It is recommended that you dress in professional attire as if you were going to an interview.

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