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Virginia Divorce Attorney and Family Law Lawyer

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Legal issues are intimidating and emotionally draining, whether they involve financial and estate planning, administration of your loved one’s estate or dealing with divorce/separation. You need an experienced professional to navigate you through these complex issues.Contact us about:


My name is Lisa Lane McDevitt and I am a Fairfax divorce attorney and Fairfax estate planning lawyer. I have extensive legal experience and devote my practice to serving the needs of individuals and families. I represent clients throughout Virginia and the Washington, D.C., metro area.

Frankness and accountability are my hallmarks, and when you work with me, you will always know what to expect. I educate you about the process, your options and your vulnerabilities and I am always accessible for your questions and concerns. As an experienced family law attorney and estate planning and probate lawyer, I provide high value at low cost. I offer flat fees so you will never be surprised by hidden costs.

I focus solely on legal issues that affect families. I help couples and families develop customized estate plans using wills, trusts and other instruments to preserve family legacies and minimize taxes. I guide clients through the complex process of probate and estate administration, helping them through a difficult and painful process as efficiently as possible. I also have extensive experience in guiding individuals through the painful process of divorce which can be confusing, intimidating and traumatic.

I have comprehensive knowledge of case law, legislation and procedures for estate planning, administration and probate, as well as, contested and uncontested divorces, military divorces, child custody agreements, child support, property division and property settlement agreements, separation agreements and spousal support.

My Fairfax, Virginia law firm focuses on your family. In addition to the services listed above, we offer the following:

Contact me at my Vienna, Virginia, law office to discuss your case. I am always happy to speak with you.