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Family Law and Estate Planning Blog

A rise in hostility among divorcing spouses

There has been an increase in hostility among divorcing couples who prefer to go to court instead of attempt to work together in an effort to reach a compromise. The issues of contention are the same as they have always been, namely, child custody, support and division of property. However, the hostility has risen to […]

The financial effects of divorce

Divorce can be an extremely devastating experience, both emotionally and financially. According to some researchers, divorced spouses would, on average, require a 30 percent rise in their income to retain the same standard of living that they had before the divorce. Upon finalizing your divorce, it is recommended that you follow through on important actions […]

Military benefits at issue in divorce

The Supreme Court recently heard a case concerning family law and military benefits in which there was a disagreement between divorced spouses regarding the wife’s share of the husband’s military retirement pay. John Howell spent 20 years in the U.S. Air Force, and pursuant to the divorce agreement, his ex-wife, Sandra Howell was to receive […]

The perils of social media in divorce

The prevalence of social media has made divorce proceedings far more complicated than they once were. The arrival of the Cloud and other comparable wireless storage implies that your “private” data may not be as concealed as you might believe. Even if you save your private photos, videos and documents to your phone, they may […]

The perils of guardianship for adults

In guardianship cases, the court often allows the guardian to sell the ward’s home, and its contents, thereby causing the ward to be without a home and possessions. That is exactly what happened in the case of Ginger Franklin, a 50-year-old Nashville, Tenn. resident, who suffered a fall down the stairs of her townhouse in […]

How to file an uncontested divorce in Virginia

While divorce is neither an easy nor pleasant process for anyone, it does not have to be contentious or melodramatic. An uncontested divorce provides couples with a more amicable way in which to file for divorce. Spouses can arrive at an agreement concerning all issues that arise in their divorce, and avert the stress that […]

How divorce can impact your mortgage

Even in the midst of divorce, the mortgage that you and your divorcing spouse agreed to pay continues to be your joint responsibility. Couples who wish to sell their home because of a divorce may confront such obstacles as a slow housing market or strict lending requirements. Before the market crashed, it was easy for […]

How divorce can affect your estate plan with respect to your will and beneficiary designations

Whenever you experience significant life-changing events, it is recommended that you revisit your estate planning documents to make certain that they are in compliance with your wishes. In Virginia, a final divorce decree affects specific aspects of estate planning, but a separation has no such impact. Unless expressly stipulated otherwise, upon the entry of a […]

A word of advice for those going to divorce court

The antagonistic nature of divorce is a difficult experience for all parties involved. The most terrifying part of the process for couples who are divorcing is going to divorce court. Because most individuals do not have a great deal of experience with court proceedings, this can be a very stressful experience for divorcing couples. It […]

An incorporated settlement agreement in divorce

Divorce orders and separation agreements sometimes contain certain words, including “merged,” “survived” or “incorporated” that may be unclear to those who are unfamiliar with such legal terminology. But these terms have very specific meanings and can significantly affect the divorce. In several divorce cases, spouses can arrive at a settlement agreement. After introducing the agreement […]