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Family Law and Estate Planning Blog

Your Donation Can Save Lives

There are currently more than 110,000 people in the U.S. waiting to get an organ transplant, including more than 1,500 pediatric patients, and there is a shortage of available organs for them. What can you do? You can note in your Advanced Health Care Directive whether or not you are willing to be an organ […]

Child Custody Arrangements Can Include Creative Scheduling

If you are newly divorced and have children, this summer may have been an eye-opener for you in terms of your child custody arrangements. Child custody is not limited to weekends and the occasional mid-week visit – the scheduling issues that come with sharing custody in the midst of business trips, unexpected illnesses, school vacations […]

Complexities and Oddities of Estate Tax Demonstrate Need for a Skilled Lawyer

If you have been following the vicissitudes of the estate tax field, it may come as no surprise that having a skilled, informed lawyer can be very beneficial. If you haven’t been following it, you may be shocked to find out how much complexity there is trying to get a handle on estate tax planning […]

Estate Planning for Same-Sex Couples

Legal recognition of same-sex marriage varies from state to state, and parental rights vary depending on the legal status of the relationship. Same-sex couples are advised to take the steps needed to preserve their assets, including last will and testament, durable power of attorney and advanced directives, with particular attention when there are children as […]

Estate Planning Needs of the Elderly

Elder law deals with the legal, financial and health needs of senior citizens. The country’s average age is advancing all the time, and now even baby-boomers are dealing with health issues and legal concerns they had not anticipated. In addition to estate planning, elder law attorneys also help with preparing for long-term healthcare needs, applying […]

Why Do I Need a Will?

By Lisa Lane McDevitt, Esquire on Monday, May 9, 2011 Let’s face it. No one wants to think about their death. As a result many people either procrastinate in drafting a will or they simply do not believe they need one. Everyone needs a will and here’s why. You need a will so property passes […]